20 July 2009

Last time on...

I haven't posted in three months, sorry. I must admit that nothing's changed. I'm still mad as heck about what the government is doing-- the entire government, not just the President or the Democrats, but the entire government "Republicans" and all.

I love Glenn Beck an so obviously I have read "Common Sense". If you read Glenn's and Thomas Paine's, they look strikingly similar. We are in a revolution, not a violent war, but a revolution of thought, just like the American Revolution. We as the People, the People of self-government, the People that give the people in government their power, the People who uphold this Republic, have lost that. We are giving away our liberty like the house on Halloween who wants to be cool and not get egged.

Whether we agree with the Government or not, whether we voted these people in or not, they are taking from us as they take from the suckers who do agree with the government and who did vote in these people. We all suffer.

What we need to do as good Americans is throw out the Parties, President Washington didn't want them anyway. We need to stick to our beliefs, regardless of the fallout (believe me, I have a whole softball team that heckles me now, I know fallout). If they want to take our liberties, they can try to pry them from my cold, dead hands. Thank you Charlton Heston.

We need to know our history, read what the Revolution was like. Read who our Founding Fathers were. To be good citizens, we need to be educated citizens. Thank you President Thomas Jefferson.

We need to be the people our ancestors were. The ones that knew what it meant to live in a free country because they didn't grow up in one. The ones that never let the government tell them what to do. It works for us, not the other way around. The ones that said what they believed and believed what they said.

We need to be the people we want our children to be. We need to be the people our children will be proud of. We need to be the people that if we died right now, we'd have no regrets, we'd have died with dignity and honor. We need to have honor again.

We need to be the Best Generation of Americans. The ones that not only defeat an enemy without our land , but also the enemy within, the one that pretended to our friend, pretended to be our voice. Live your life according to your Bible-- whether it is the Bible or the example set by those that preceded us. Be what you admire, desire, believe. No one can disrespect a man who lives by his word.

"Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction" so let's keep it this time. Thank you President Ronald Reagan.

21 May 2009

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy...

As a realist, regardless of who said what Pelosi said, don't you think it is really, really stupid to say the CIA lied to you? Accusing the CIA of something they most likely didn't do is not a good way to keep living as normally as possible. I can't believe she would say that to keep face with the press-- oh, yes I can.

She can't admit that she knew about water-boarding in 2002 because then her followers would ask why she didn't say anything about it until a few years ago. In reality, she might have had a chance of reelection for the admittance of her honesty of knowing and keeping her mouth shut in a Post- 9/11 world. Remember the way things were in 2002, she would never have been reelected that year if she came out against the torture of terrorists.

She is an idiot for saying the CIA lied to her. In the last year, Pelosi has been ripped for having private jet rides for government visits, for saying the Pope is inconsistent with his stance on abortion (he got her good, too), and for so many other things in all this TARP business. Maybe keeping her mouth shut would be a good way to get reelected again.

22 April 2009

Cola Wars

I am too young to remember the real Cola Wars, but I learned there was a different one yesterday. Apparently Coca-Cola is all that is served at the Democratic National Convention. I like Coke, but I guess I have to switch to Pepsi so I don't drink a socialist potion of indoctrination. Here's what perplexes me:

Coke cans are red and Pepsi cans are blue. Red is Republican and Blue is Democrat and yet the opposite is true for softdrinks. Should they change the color of their cans to correspond to the majority of their drinkers? I don't know, I just have to drink Coke less often now. Pepsi still doesn't as good to me though.

17 April 2009

Nationalizing gone too far

We need to laugh sometimes.

09 April 2009

Fed up

I love phrases with multiple meanings. I am fed up with the Federal Government. They are out of control with our money, not to mention my grandchildren's money. Congress does what it pleases and complains when real questions are asked of them (Barney Frank, President Obama). I like that kid who questioned Barney Frank; that took guts, asking serious question to him. He was so flustered, he never actually answered how responsible he was for the economic mess we're in.

Obama has some nerve saying we're arrogant. In France! How dare you. America has protected Europe since World War I, we pay for the great majority of the UN's budget, we were the economic stability of the world before we changed to the debt standard (from the gold standard, starting to like William Jennings Bryan right now?), we are the symbol of freedom in the world. If anything we're just proud. Americans have a lot to be proud of and I cannot believe the President thinks it is fine to call us arrogant, and not even to our faces in America.

I think many can agree with this statement: I am fed up with the government and the world hating us at the same time they are takig our funding. We can't afford it and if you don't like us, don't take the money, or the troops, or the support. We'll leave you alone, we'll be isolated again. Last time that happened, Europe was taken over by a fascist dictator; I don't believe they want that again. Also, take some control of your government. We are trying because we are sick of this spending from both sides. Socialism is wrong and it has never worked. Not only that, it is lazy. "Let the government take care of the problems" is the wrong attitude for anyone especially Americans to take in the world. America was founded on a government for the people, by the people, and of the people. Let us not disappoint all those men and women who fought to make this wonderful nation a reality.

18 March 2009

Anytown Tea Party, USA

I'm sure many of you have heard of these Tax Day Tea Parties arund the country. I am interested in this. I know why we had the Boston Tea Party, but I don't quite understand the impact this one would have. Could someone explain to me and those who are unfamilar with this what it will do?

There are lots of places to go to be prepared for April 15, like www.AmericanSolutions.com/TeaParty or Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, but I still can't figure out how this will get Congress to open their eyes. I know we are angry, a great majority of Americans, and we want to be like our forefathers and demonstrate this in a very open and blunt way. Whoever can tell us, please do so. I'm sure this is extremely important, and we need to be informed to be good citizens.

14 March 2009

9/12 Project